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About Martin Construction Remodeling
Over the last 20 years Martin Construction Remodeling has been lucky enough to gain experience in providing ~~JobType ~~services. Martin Construction Remodeling has experience in providing services related to Steel Stud Framing. Martin Construction Remodeling strives to give our clients the very best in service and quality as it relates to Steel Stud Framing services in your home. We are fully insured and are registered with the Pennsylvania Attorney General as a reputable contractor. If you have been told your Steel Stud Framing job cannot be done, or that you will have to compromise your vision, or if the price is outrageous, give Terry Martin a call at 724-882-6720. Together, we will work to find a way to complete your Steel Stud Framing project without having to settle for something less.
What Makes Us Unique?
Because Terry and his team have the expertise to complete Steel Stud Framing projects, sub contractors are not needed because Martin Construction Remodeling does everything from top to bottom. You can be confident that your Steel Stud Framing project will be done faster and finished right the first time. Superior results for your Steel Stud Framing project at a fair price with a reputation you can count on. If you need a free estimate or have any questions about your Steel Stud Framing project contact Martin Construction Remodeling at 724-882-6720. Terry Martin, owner of Martin Construction Remodeling personally guarantees that your Steel Stud Framing project is fulfilled to your specifications, your complete satisfaction, and within the time agreed upon.
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- Addition to Existing Structure - Build
- Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Install or Replace
- Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Repair
- Attics - Remodel
- Bamboo Flooring - Install
- Basement - Remodel
- Bathroom - Remodel
- Brick or Stone Siding: Install or Completely Replace
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These days metal and steel stud framing is taking over in all aspects of construction, from residential to commercial. Home builders are looking for ways to cut material costs; and framing with steel studs helps them do just that. A steel-framed home is a high-quality home. By virtue of its material characteristics and properties, steel offers significant advantages to both home-builders and consumers. Steel studs and joists are strong, lightweight, and made from uniform-quality material. Steel walls are straight, with square corners, and all but eliminate pops in drywall.

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